pokemon go plus problems Games and entertainment 

The Pokemon GO Plus: what’s still wrong with it?

A while back we did a post on the Pokemon Go Plus,  and everything that’s wrong with it. And back then our advice was to avoid the Pokemon Go Plus. The thing was a buggy mess, with no clear support or solution to the problems it had. But in the past few months things have changed for the best. Niantic has come out with plenty of updates to the game, and some important patches, which have solved critical issues with the Pokemon Go Plus. Thinking about making that investment? The…

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fastpokemap is back online Games and entertainment 

Pokemon GO: Fastpokemap is back!

Fastpokemap is back! The moment thousands of users around the globe had been expecting for weeks is here. The Fastpokemap tracker went back online a few hours ago, after being completely disabled following security updates that Niantic applied to Pokemon GO, precisely to disallow the use of Pokemon trackers. The solution to bring Fastpokemap back was not easy, and required the effort of many specialists worldwide, who worked long hours to connect the application to Niantic’s servers again. The main problem was that the protection Niantic implemented was on two levels: the first level was a conventional reCAPTCHA test,…

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How to choose what you get from evolving Eevee in Pokemon GO

Eevee is one of the most commonly seen characters in Pokemon GO, and is especially abundant in cities. So after capturing a few Eevee, you tend to get sick of it all just start ignoring them. But don’t ignore them! Why? Because now, Eevee is one of the easiest Pokemon to evolve, because with a trick you can choose what you get from evolving Eevee in Pokemon GO! Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO The Eevee, those furry little animals that look like a cross between a rabbit, a fox and a horse have…

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Pokemon weight loss Games and entertainment Health and environment 

How to lose weight playing Pokemon GO

If you’ve been keeping up with the news these past few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly seen all the hype that’s been going on around Pokemon GO, the new augmented reality video game for cell phones. Among the interesting things that people have been asking, if if you can actually lose weight playing Pokemon GO. After all, Pokemon GO requires you to move around, and not just move around Wii style… we’re talking geniune walking, walking and more walking here. So, can you really expect to lose weight playing Pokemon GO? Well,…

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PoodleCorp took down Pokemon Go Games and entertainment 

Pokemon GO under attack! PoodleCorp takes down the popular game.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get crazier with Pokemon GO, it seems they have. Pokemon GO is currently under attack, with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) taking over Niantic’s servers, just days after they launched in eastern Europe. Pokemon GO’s launch has been plagued with a wide variety of problems, ranging from the infamous pokemon capture lockup, to the app having to be pulled from Play and App Store due to server overload during the first few days of launch. Aside from that, people have been going nuts…

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Pokemon GO bug Games and entertainment 

Uh oh: Pokemon GO locks after capturing a Pokemon!

We probably don’t have to tell you what Pokemon GO is all about right? It’s the biggest thing on the planet right now… it literally broke the Internet! Kim Kardashian eat your heart out: you’re been officially dethroned by a bunch of little colorful critters. But, not all is perfect in this world we live in. Especially after you’ve discovered that sometimes, Pokemon GO locks after capturing a Pokemon. Uh oh. By the way, have you seen our tips on how to lose weight playing Pokemon GO and what the…

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