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Metallica in Costa Rica: Hardwired 2016 Tour

The end of the year in Costa Rica starting to look good. A couple weeks back, when word got around that Guns N Roses would be doing a concert in Costa Rica as part of their Not in This Lifetime tour, everyone was impressed. But today, even more so. Local producer Move Concerts (Evenpro) announced they have Metallica booked for November. A stop on their Hardwired 2016 tour. Rumors had been surfacing since the beginning of this year that another Metallica concert in Costa Rica was in the works, but nothing had…

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Where to stay in Costa Rica for the Guns N Roses concert?

The news is officially out: Guns N Roses is coming to Costa Rica as part of their Not in this Lifetime tour. The concert is scheduled for November 26th 2016, at the National Stadium in downtown San Jose. There’s not a whole lot of information on ticket prices and availability yet, but already a lot of people are planning on making the trip to Costa Rica in November to see Guns N Roses. Some of them are planning on making their trip to Costa Rica in October and finishing up at the concert, others are going…

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