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Where to buy tickets for Metallica Costa Rica 2016?

The official information is out: Move Concerts has tickets for Metallica Costa Rica 2016 on sale, right now. Metallica is coming to Costa Rica, November 5, 2016 at the National Stadium in La Sabana. As part of their Hardwired tour, the whole group is coming to CR this time: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo. We’ll probably be hearing songs such as for Whom the Bell Tolls, Wherever I May Roam, Fade to Black, One, Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, and of course, stuff from the new album Hardwired ……

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The ultimate Q&A guide to the iPhone 7 Stuff 

The ultimate Q&A guide to the iPhone 7

One of the most important news in tech this week was the launch of the new iPhone 7 by Apple. It’s the new flagship of Apple’s phone line, and tries to continue the legacy of its predecessor: the iPhone 6. Number 7 has some improvements, which Apple say will greatly improve user experience and product quality. Currently there’s are all kinds of information about this phone out on the Internet. But, widely scattered and full of technicalities. Most of the information comes from what was said during the official launch event, there’s…

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Metallica in Costa Rica: Hardwired 2016 Tour

The end of the year in Costa Rica starting to look good. A couple weeks back, when word got around that Guns N Roses would be doing a concert in Costa Rica as part of their Not in This Lifetime tour, everyone was impressed. But today, even more so. Local producer Move Concerts (Evenpro) announced they have Metallica booked for November. A stop on their Hardwired 2016 tour. Rumors had been surfacing since the beginning of this year that another Metallica concert in Costa Rica was in the works, but nothing had…

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Ultimate hairstyle guide for balding men Stuff 

Ultimate hairstyle guide for balding men

So you’re balding? Welcome to the club. So it’s come to that time in life when you’ve come to the realization, as the famed George Carlin usted to put it, “that you’re getting old… er”. And probably what clued you in was your hair, or lack thereof. I’ve seen my fair share of springtimes, and have come to realize that’s when most men figure out they’re not 20 anymore. They start to see that youthful hairline evaporate, then look at the guys in the cubicles next door and see nothing…

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Willy Wonka has died: remembering Gene Wilder

This week brought about more sad news: Gene Wilder better known as Willy Wonka and Doctor Frankenstein to Generation X and beyond, has left us. Willy Wonka has died. His death was certainly unexpected and untimely. Gene Wilder, an icon of popular culture, left his mark on many of the children and youth of Generation X. And why not, his legacy spans all the way through Gen Y, the millenials and many of today’s kids. Willy Wonka has died, goodbye Doctor Frankenstein Gene Wilder was one of those actors who…

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