Ultimate hairstyle guide for balding men Stuff 

Ultimate hairstyle guide for balding men

So you’re balding? Welcome to the club. So it’s come to that time in life when you’ve come to the realization, as the famed George Carlin usted to put it, “that you’re getting old… er”. And probably what clued you in was your hair, or lack thereof. I’ve seen my fair share of springtimes, and have come to realize that’s when most men figure out they’re not 20 anymore. They start to see that youthful hairline evaporate, then look at the guys in the cubicles next door and see nothing…

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Willy Wonka has died Games and entertainment 

Willy Wonka has died: remembering Gene Wilder

This week brought about more sad news: Gene Wilder better known as Willy Wonka and Doctor Frankenstein to Generation X and beyond, has left us. Willy Wonka has died. His death was certainly unexpected and untimely. Gene Wilder, an icon of popular culture, left his mark on many of the children and youth of Generation X. And why not, his legacy spans all the way through Gen Y, the millenials and many of today’s kids. Willy Wonka has died, goodbye Doctor Frankenstein Gene Wilder was one of those actors who…

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Ghostbusters 3 review Games and entertainment 

Ghostbusters 3 review

With the new Ghostbusters 2016 movie out  people are starting to talk  and so after watching it we thought we’d do our own review of Ghostbusters “3” review. Ghostbusters 3: weak on the story, heavy on the visuals I guess the first thing anyone could say about the new Ghostbusters movie is that, it tends to be a parody  of the original film that came out back in 1984 . The movie doesn’t add anything new to the story  that you couldn’t have seen in the original. And like any parody, it…

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