banana peeling trick Stuff 

Do bananas really peel easier from the other end?

If you’ve been wandering around the internet these past few months you’ve undoubtedly seen the hype surrounding peeling a banana backwards. Yeah, that’s what 2017 has brought us: the revelation that we should peel bananas from the other end and we’ve been doing it wrong for all of out existence. Supposedly, when monkeys peel bananas, they do it from the tip towards the stem, and not from the stem to the tip like we humans have done all our lives. And that shows that peeling a banana backwards is more…

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cell phone charger gets hot Stuff 

Why does my cell phone charger get so hot?

Charging a cell phone is something we do regularly, every day of our lives if we have one. There are many different ways to charge mobile phones, and most people use the typical wall charger: that little plastic block that connects to the wall socket, and then plugs into our phone to charge it. Something that people notice a lot, and makes them kind of nervous is that the cell phone charger gets hot when it’s charging. This heating up is pretty noticeable: it’s not just that the charger gets slightly warm,…

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pokemon go plus problems Games and entertainment 

The Pokemon Go Plus and everything wrong with it

There’s an updated version of this post! The new version has info on the updates from Niantic, and whether they really fixed the PoGo+ or not! The Pokemon Go Plus controller was one of the most anticipated arrivals of 2016, after the launch of Pokemon GO in july. And after several months of being completely sold out, this thing is finally starting to appear again in stores, and you can finally get your hands on one. But before you do, you might want to read this post, which tells my…

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festivities at Palmares, Alajuela Stuff 

The best party in 2017 is almost here: Palmares, Costa Rica

The party at Zapote is still going strong, and goes until January 8. But since it’s New Year’s, we can now look to the future … to the best party in Costa Rica: Palmares! One of the best festivals every year, is at Fiestas de Palmares 2017. Historically, Fiestas de Palmares has been the most anticipated festival of the year, for more than a decade. Zapote has a much longer history, but Palmares quickly became the favorite of Costa Ricans, and now every year thousands of people flock from anywhere, for 2…

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carrie fisher princess leia dead Stuff 

Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia from Star Wars, dies at 60

2016 is going to be remembered as the year that had no truce when it came to taking our beloved celebrities and characters. Leonard Nimoy, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, and now, Princess Leia. Carrie Fisher, the famed Princess Leia from the Star Wars universe, had died at age 60. Carrie Fisher, dead at 60 Many fans will be asking themselves about now, how did Carrie Fisher die? Carrie Fisher died from a heart attack, in Los Angeles on December 27, 2016. She had suffered the heart attack while on…

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george michael biography Stuff 

A Gen X Idol: George Michael’s Biography

Another icon of a generation, one of those voices that was with us throughout our lives, has left us this 2016. On Christmas Day, December 25, the sad news of the death of singer George Michael spread throughout the globe. He was 53 years old. Contents: George Michael’s biography: the first years and Wham George Michael goes solo George Michael gets serious: Listen without Prejudice Ladies and Gentlemen: the late stage of George Michael The end of George Michael: drug addiction and health problems George Michael’s Biography George Michael was…

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george michael dead Stuff 

Never gonna dance again: George Michael dies at age 53.

2016 isn’t done taking our favorite celebrities, or so it seems. A few minutes ago it was confirmed that George Michael, the famous singer, died at his home in England this afternoon. He was 53 years old. George Michael dies: gone is another voice of a generation George Michael was one of the most well known voices of the 80’s generation. He started his career out as part of the group Wham!, where he immediately gained fame and rose to stardom with several number one hits. Most who lived those…

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costa rica renewable energy Stuff 

Costa Rica’s renewable energy streak in perspective

Costa Rica made environmental news again this week, after announcing that it was well on its way to running for a year, solely on renewable energy. At this time the country has been running only renewable energy plants for exactly 200 days, and it could very well make it to a year if the weather plays along during these next 2 months. We’re very happy with the news, but unfortunately the announcement has also been plagued with a lot of hype and misinterpretation. Many are seeing this as definitive proof…

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fastpokemap is back online Games and entertainment 

Pokemon GO: Fastpokemap is back!

Fastpokemap is back! The moment thousands of users around the globe had been expecting for weeks is here. The Fastpokemap tracker went back online a few hours ago, after being completely disabled following security updates that Niantic applied to Pokemon GO, precisely to disallow the use of Pokemon trackers. The solution to bring Fastpokemap back was not easy, and required the effort of many specialists worldwide, who worked long hours to connect the application to Niantic’s servers again. The main problem was that the protection Niantic implemented was on two levels: the first level was a conventional reCAPTCHA test,…

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