s7.addthis.com sharebuttons virus fix Computers and tech 

Sharebuttons by Addthis: virus problem fixed!

Last week, the WordPress Plugin Sharebuttons by Addthis ran into some trouble with ESET, a leading antivirus manufacturer. ESET’s antivirus started reporting that websites were infected with the “TrojanDownloader.Pegel.BH” virus, if they happened to have Sharebuttons by Addthis running on them. The alert was tripped by a call to the webiste “s7.addthis.com” that’s made by the plugin, and that the antivirus saw as an attempt at script injection. Addthis had a conversation with ESET, and sure enough, ESET confirmed it was a mess up on their part:   The antivirus…

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sharebuttons by addthis virus Computers and tech 

Sharebuttons by Addthis: is it really a trojan?

Sharebuttons by Addthis is a WordPress plugin that lets you put those little floating share icons on your webpages. It’s incredibly easy to use and looks great, which is why many sites running WordPress have activated this plugin. UPDATE: Addthis has confirmed that indeed, it’s a false alarm and a mistake on ESET’s part. Please update your virus definitions if you have ESET’s antivirus and the problem should be fixed. See this link for updated information. But last week, something happened to Sharebuttons, which is not good and everyone should…

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garmin mapsource decimal degrees Computers and tech 

How to switch Garmin Mapsource to decimal degrees

Call me old school, but I still love my Garmin eTrex Vista GPS. Even this far into the 21st century, when even the most basic cell phones have a built-in GPS unit, I refuse to give up on my Garmin. Don’t get me wrong I still use my cell phone’s GPS for the normal everyday stuff like driving, tagging photographs, the usual deals. But first hiking trips or visits to job sites you’ll probably see me carrying around my etrex. Why do I still love this thing so much? Well…

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disable gui on linux desktop Computers and tech 

How to keep a Linux GUI from starting up by default on boot

For quite a while now I’ve been stuck trying to create a Laptop/Server on Linux. I’m talking about a laptop/server (it does both things), not a “server built on a laptop”. Why? Well, I have an old laptop (it’s so damn old it’s a Centrino) that I repurposed as a home server. That’s what it does 90% of the time. And for the rest of my day to day work, I use a desktop. But, if I ever need to go on the road, I’m stuck with no PC. I…

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