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Is the human head transplant project, coming to an end?

The human head transplant, or full body transplant depending on who you ask, took an unexpected turn this week, when it’s leading proponent Dr. Sergio Canavero released video of a press conference on his Facebook page, where he touts the latest advances in the head transplant project, and makes a few announcements that raise eyebrows and seem to indicate all might not be going as planned. The human head transplant project, known formally as the “Human Head Anastomosis Venture” (HEAVEN) was devised by Sergio Canavero in 2013, and basically involves…

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Costa Rica Earthquake information

Hey everyone, if you’ve been following social media over the last few hours, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the earthquake that struck Costa Rica this evening. Depends on who you ask, you’ll get different magnitudes. If you ask CNN, for example, they’re saying the earthquake that hit Costa Rica was a magnitude 6.5. Information on the most recent Costa Rica earthquake The first thing everyone needs to know is that we are all fine down here. Your local news media has probably exaggerated this earthquake in Costa Rica beyond any rational…

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