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The best party in 2017 is almost here: Palmares, Costa Rica

festivities at Palmares, AlajuelaThe party at Zapote is still going strong, and goes until January 8. But since it’s New Year’s, we can now look to the future … to the best party in Costa Rica: Palmares! One of the best festivals every year, is at Fiestas de Palmares 2017.

Historically, Fiestas de Palmares has been the most anticipated festival of the year, for more than a decade. Zapote has a much longer history, but Palmares quickly became the favorite of Costa Ricans, and now every year thousands of people flock from anywhere, for 2 weeks, to Palmares de Alajuela to enjoy the festivities.

Palmares: a place to make friends

Palmares offers everything Zapote has: bullfights, horse parades, carnival … but much more orderly and clean. That particular point, Zapote has not yet been able to match.

festivities at Palmares, AlajuelaThe Palmares concerts also stand out and are widely anticipated. They bring the best Latin American artists to Costa Rica. And in many cases the concerts are totally free, for anyone who wants to attend. In previous years we’re seen artists in Palmares, such as Garbanzos, Auténticos Decadentes, Sean Paul, Shaggy and many others.

If Zapote is by far the best year end party in Costa Rica, Palmares is officially the best party to kick off the New Year. One of those that you just can’t miss.

So get ready because the festivities at Palmares 2017 start January 12 and continue until January 23 at the Palmares Fairgrounds in Alajuela.

Don’t forget the Palmarín races and the concerts

festivities at Palmares, AlajuelaThere’s two races that bring thousands of local competitors to Palmares every year. The Palmarin MTB and the Palmarin Atletismo races. One is a Mountain Bike trip through the local mountain ranges, and the other a 12 km run around the city of Palmares. They’re normally held on weekends, as part of the Fiestas de Palmares.

The international concerts are usually on Sundays.

And aside from the concerts on Sundays, there’s also the Festival Ranchero in Palmares. This year, the Festival Ranchero is Saturday, January 23.

First week of 2017 there’s going to be a press conference with all the major details of the Fiestas de Palmares. Unoficially we already know there’s going to be concerts with Gente de Zona, Café Tacva and Sean Paul.

This year the ambience at the Fiestas de Palmares will be more family oriented and (hopefully!) less rowdy than in previous years. The amount of bars on the fairgrounds has been lowered, and measures are in place to keep the party under control.

In January 2017, everybody head for Palmares! The best party of 2017!


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