matches on tinder Stuff 

Why can’t I get any matches on Tinder?

Despite all the shady connotations, social shaming and horror stories of dates gone wrong, the fact of the matter is that millions of people still use Tinder every day in order to try to find that special someone. Or simply to find someone to spend a bit of time with, and not turn into another Simpsons cat lady. Let’s face it: Tinder is still interesting despite all the weird experiences people have on there. And in today’s world where people are busier and more disconnected than ever from their social…

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sergio canavero human head transplant Stuff 

Is the human head transplant project, coming to an end?

The human head transplant, or full body transplant depending on who you ask, took an unexpected turn this week, when it’s leading proponent Dr. Sergio Canavero released video of a press conference on his Facebook page, where he touts the latest advances in the head transplant project, and makes a few announcements that raise eyebrows and seem to indicate all might not be going as planned. The human head transplant project, known formally as the “Human Head Anastomosis Venture” (HEAVEN) was devised by Sergio Canavero in 2013, and basically involves…

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earthquake 6.4 in costa rica Stuff 

Costa Rica Earthquake information

Hey everyone, if you’ve been following social media over the last few hours, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the earthquake that struck Costa Rica this evening. Depends on who you ask, you’ll get different magnitudes. If you ask CNN, for example, they’re saying the earthquake that hit Costa Rica was a magnitude 6.5. Information on the most recent Costa Rica earthquake The first thing everyone needs to know is that we are all fine down here. Your local news media has probably exaggerated this earthquake in Costa Rica beyond any rational…

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always by erasure Stuff 

“Always” by Erasure, a detailed study

The other day I was watching YouTube with a friend, and all of a sudden the video for Always by Erasure came up. “Always” by Erasure is one of those unusual videos from the 90’s synth pop era, that many people haven’t really seen. It was never too big on MTV or the major chains, and back then if it wasn’t on MTV, it didn’t exist. If you’re one of those post-millennials, you’ve probably never heard of Erasure or and much less seen the “Always” video. If you have the…

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Sharebuttons by Addthis: virus problem fixed!

Last week, the WordPress Plugin Sharebuttons by Addthis ran into some trouble with ESET, a leading antivirus manufacturer. ESET’s antivirus started reporting that websites were infected with the “TrojanDownloader.Pegel.BH” virus, if they happened to have Sharebuttons by Addthis running on them. The alert was tripped by a call to the webiste “” that’s made by the plugin, and that the antivirus saw as an attempt at script injection. Addthis had a conversation with ESET, and sure enough, ESET confirmed it was a mess up on their part:   The antivirus…

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sharebuttons by addthis virus Computers and tech 

Sharebuttons by Addthis: is it really a trojan?

Sharebuttons by Addthis is a WordPress plugin that lets you put those little floating share icons on your webpages. It’s incredibly easy to use and looks great, which is why many sites running WordPress have activated this plugin. UPDATE: Addthis has confirmed that indeed, it’s a false alarm and a mistake on ESET’s part. Please update your virus definitions if you have ESET’s antivirus and the problem should be fixed. See this link for updated information. But last week, something happened to Sharebuttons, which is not good and everyone should…

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apple wax video boiling water Health and environment 

Boiling water on an apple: the real truth!

Oh humanity, we are being poisoned yet again by those evil food corporations, who are spraying our apples with tons of toxic chemicals and pesticides, that’ll turn you into a cancerous mutant if you eat them. We must alert everyone to the latest undeniable proof video, that shows just how serious the problem of toxic additives in our apples is! Or so the latest viral video of someone pouring boiling water on an apple, and showing all the stuff that comes off, claims. If you haven’t seen the video, the…

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garmin mapsource decimal degrees Computers and tech 

How to switch Garmin Mapsource to decimal degrees

Call me old school, but I still love my Garmin eTrex Vista GPS. Even this far into the 21st century, when even the most basic cell phones have a built-in GPS unit, I refuse to give up on my Garmin. Don’t get me wrong I still use my cell phone’s GPS for the normal everyday stuff like driving, tagging photographs, the usual deals. But first hiking trips or visits to job sites you’ll probably see me carrying around my etrex. Why do I still love this thing so much? Well…

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disable gui on linux desktop Computers and tech 

How to keep a Linux GUI from starting up by default on boot

For quite a while now I’ve been stuck trying to create a Laptop/Server on Linux. I’m talking about a laptop/server (it does both things), not a “server built on a laptop”. Why? Well, I have an old laptop (it’s so damn old it’s a Centrino) that I repurposed as a home server. That’s what it does 90% of the time. And for the rest of my day to day work, I use a desktop. But, if I ever need to go on the road, I’m stuck with no PC. I…

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pokemon go plus problems Games and entertainment 

The Pokemon GO Plus: what’s still wrong with it?

A while back we did a post on the Pokemon Go Plus,  and everything that’s wrong with it. And back then our advice was to avoid the Pokemon Go Plus. The thing was a buggy mess, with no clear support or solution to the problems it had. But in the past few months things have changed for the best. Niantic has come out with plenty of updates to the game, and some important patches, which have solved critical issues with the Pokemon Go Plus. Thinking about making that investment? The…

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