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Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia from Star Wars, dies at 60

carrie fisher princess leia dead2016 is going to be remembered as the year that had no truce when it came to taking our beloved celebrities and characters. Leonard Nimoy, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, and now, Princess Leia. Carrie Fisher, the famed Princess Leia from the Star Wars universe, had died at age 60.

Carrie Fisher, dead at 60

Many fans will be asking themselves about now, how did Carrie Fisher die? Carrie Fisher died from a heart attack, in Los Angeles on December 27, 2016. She had suffered the heart attack while on a flight 4 days earlier, and was rushed to the intensive care unit at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. According to initial reports released by her family, a few hours after reaching the ICU she was stable. The next few days it was said she was recovering, which made the news of her death even more shocking.

It seems that in the end the damage done by the heart attack was too great, and Fisher wasn’t able to pull through.

Carrie Fisher, eternal face of Star Wars

carrie fisher princess leia deadCarrie Fisher had roles in many movies and television productions, such as the Blues Brothers, Hannah and her sisters, Scream 3 and Charlie’s Angels. But the role where she is eternally remembered is Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars movies. The world came to know Carrie Fisher from the first scenes in A New Hope, the first Star Wars movie produced back in 1977. From then, her image became an icon, which rose even further with the other two movies in the original Trilogy: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

She became a universal symbol, not only among Star Wars fans, but also among the general public. Even now, most people will be able to identify the image of Leia Organa regardless of whether they saw the Star Wars movies or not. Such is the fame that Carrie Fisher’s character rose to.

She was even parodied in 1987 by Daphne Zuniga in the cult classic Spaceballs, and was featured using CGI in this year’s Star Wars: Rogue One.

Carrie Fisher’s life outside of Star Wars

carrie fisher princess leia deadCarrie Fisher had a brief affair with Harrison Ford in 1976. She then went on to date Paul Simon, and then was engaged to Dan Aykroyd. The engagement didn’t go through, and she ended up marrying Paul Simon, with whom she stayed together for a year.

She was married a second time, to talent agent Bryan Lourd. Her second marriage produced a daughter, Billie Lourd. Billie Lourd is also an actress, and had screen time in The Force Awakens. She’s currently working on the TV series Scream Queens, and will be featured in Star Wars Episode VIII in 2017.

Fisher had some brief problems with drugs, bipolar disorder and prescription medications, but none of those managed to stop her ongoing career in film and outside the film world. Before suffering her fatal heart attack, she was on a promotional tour for her book, The Princess Diarist.

She is survived by her daughter Billie Lourd, her mother Debbie Reynolds, and several siblings and half-siblings.


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