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Costa Rica’s renewable energy streak in perspective

Costa Rica made environmental news again this week, after announcing that it was well on its way to running for a year, solely on renewable energy. At this time the country has been running only renewable energy plants for exactly 200 days, and it could very well make it to a year if the weather plays along during these next 2 months. We’re very happy with the news, but unfortunately the announcement has also been plagued with a lot of hype and misinterpretation. Many are seeing this as definitive proof…

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Pokemon GO: Fastpokemap is back!

Fastpokemap is back! The moment thousands of users around the globe had been expecting for weeks is here. The Fastpokemap tracker went back online a few hours ago, after being completely disabled following security updates that Niantic applied to Pokemon GO, precisely to disallow the use of Pokemon trackers. The solution to bring Fastpokemap back was not easy, and required the effort of many specialists worldwide, who worked long hours to connect the application to Niantic’s servers again. The main problem was that the protection Niantic implemented was on two levels: the first level was a conventional reCAPTCHA test,…

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Why do ants like Listerine?

Why do ants like Listerine? The other day I was brushing my teeth when I noticed something interesting: a little line of ants walking around the sink and making their way to the bottle of Cool Mint Listerine that I had on the counter. And they were actually climbing the bottle and looking under the cap, where there was residue from Listerine drying away. This wasn’t the first time I had seen that. A few days earlier I had noticed the same effect, but directly in the sink. Some drops…

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