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Ghostbusters 3 review

With the new Ghostbusters 2016 movie out  people are starting to talk  and so after watching it we thought we’d do our own review of Ghostbusters “3” review.

Ghostbusters 3 reviewGhostbusters 3: weak on the story, heavy on the visuals

I guess the first thing anyone could say about the new Ghostbusters movie is that, it tends to be a parody  of the original film that came out back in 1984 . The movie doesn’t add anything new to the story  that you couldn’t have seen in the original. And like any parody, it simply throws a whole lot of jokes into the script.

Most hardcore Ghostbusters fans will probably be disappointed with this new version of the movie which is heavy on the graphics and weak on the story.

Of course, a huge amount of CGI has been added to the film. The graphics are well done though, you don’t really notice anything out of place when they combine computer-generated characters with the real life ones, which is a sign that the CGI is actually pretty good.

Ghostbusters 2016 reviewA new Ghostbusters arsenal? You’ve gotta be kidding.

And we’re not sure what to say about the new Ghostbusters weapons Arsenal. It’s good to see an updated version of the proton pack, and have a glimpse into what the development process might have been like, and the new Ghostbusters costume is all right, but once you get past the proton packs it all starts to go downhill. When you start seeing ghost-catching grenades, which actually turned out to be ghost disintegrating grenades (and “disintegrating a ghost” doesn’t really make sense), and stuff as ridiculous as a ghost punching Power Glove, that’s when you realize everything went a little too far on this film.

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Good for a laugh, but don’t get your hopes up

Ghostbusters 3 reviewChris Hemsworth? We’re not even gonna go there.

Our opinion on the new Ghostbusters film is as we stated at the start: it’s fun to watch, a good time at the movies, but not much more than that. When it comes to being a sequel (or a remake for that matter), Ghostbusters 2016 adds absolutely nothing to the original story, and can’t really do much when compared to the original series of Ghostbusters films, as well as all we saw in the real Ghostbusters animated series and the video games.

Be sure to stay after the end credits, for one of those WTF moments. Once you see it, like us, you’ll probably be wondering too.


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