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Where to stay in Costa Rica for the Guns N Roses concert?

1000509261001_2127498997001_BIO-Biography-Guns-N-Roses-LFThe news is officially out: Guns N Roses is coming to Costa Rica as part of their Not in this Lifetime tour. The concert is scheduled for November 26th 2016, at the National Stadium in downtown San Jose.

There’s not a whole lot of information on ticket prices and availability yet, but already a lot of people are planning on making the trip to Costa Rica in November to see Guns N Roses. Some of them are planning on making their trip to Costa Rica in October and finishing up at the concert, others are going to start out at the concert and stay for a couple of weeks of touring during the start of the high season.

In any case, seeing Guns N Roses is an interesting thing to do while you’re in Costa Rica. If you were and eighties child or you simply joined in for the Use your Illusion albums, you’ll have fond memories of the Guns N Roses era.

So, if you’re coming to see Guns N Roses in Costa Rica, where should you stay? You need a place that’s pretty near the National Stadium, so you don’t have to travel very far the day of the concert, and you’re probably also looking for places that have reasonable prices.

estadio nal costa ricaGood news is that in the vicinity of the National Stadium you’ve got a lot of options. You hotels, hostels, even AirBnB. There’s a fair share of options and price ranges to choose from.

When choosing a place to stay in Costa Rica for the Guns N Roses concert, try to choose places where you can simply get on a bus or a train and get off a couple of minutes later at the stadium. It’s really not worth it to make a very complicated trip to the Guns N Roses concert in Costa Rica. If you try the following locations and neighborhoods, your trip to the stadium should be short and easy:

  • Barrio Escalante
  • Barrio Amón
  • Barrio Otoya
  • Sabana (Sabana norte, sur, este or oeste is fine)
  • Paseo Colón
  • Tibás
  • La Uruca
  • Rohrmoser
  • Curridabat
  • Barrio Escalante
  • Barrio Amón
  • Barrio Otoya
  • San Pedro
  • Los Yoses
  • Guadalupe
  • Moravia
  • Escazú


Another question that people are asking regarding the Guns N Roses concert in Costa Rica, is if they can simply take a bus from the airport to the concert. I suppose many are planning on making an early morning flight and upon arriving to the airport heading straight for the stadium. Well, you’ll be glad to know that yes it is possible to take a bus directly from the airport to downtown San Jose, in fact most of the airport buses stop in downtown San Jose.

Just make sure you set aside enough time to go through customs and immigration, and then make the bus trip which takes about 30 minutes under ideal traffic conditions. You’re probably going to want to arrive at the airport around noon in order to make the trip through immigration and catch the bus downtown for the concert, which will probably start around 8 p.m. Now, this 8 PM this isn’t a sure thing, RPM TV hasn’t given an official start time yet.

Sure hope that’s enough information to help you plan your trip to Costa Rica for the Guns N Roses concert. Keep visiting our site where will be updating as soon as we have information on pricing and ticket availability for Guns and Roses in Costa Rica.


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