Is Donald Trump the antichrist?

Is Donald Trump the AntichristWith all that Donald Trump has been saying, all the controversy, all the accusations and attacks against different groups, one would be tempted to ask that age old question… is Donald Trump the antichrist? Is Donald Trump the devil? I mean, we do live in troubled times, and the second coming has been long overdue, and now out of nowhere comes Donald Trump, wanting to become president of one of the most powerful nations in the world, and head of one of the most advanced armies on the planet.

Plus there’s that troubling prediction made by Edgar Cayce, which says that Obama will be the last president of the United States. If that’s to be true, well, something big and ugly is about to happen in the US, and Donald Trump would seem to fit the bill.

So, is Donald Trump the antichrist? Have we come to that moment in human history when finally the biblical prophecies will come true? Will we find ourselves watching the second coming, final showdown, and end judgement on CNN, while we desperately try to capture that annoying Pikachu before the game servers crash?

If we analyze biblical passages, and what the heads of the church are saying, we can come to some conclusions. For example bishop Fulton Sheen said that the antichrist will disguise himself as a great humanitarian and have a great many followers. He will set up a counterchurch, devoid of God, and very similar to the real church. He will blaspheme against God, desecrate God’s temple and try to destroy Israel.

If that’s going to be out criteria for deciding the answer to “is Donald Trump the antichrist?”… well, let’s just stop there. We’re pretty safe it seems. I doubt Donald the wall Trump could be considered a great humanitarian, and I haven’t seen him building any churches recently. Plus it seems he’s actually pretty chummy with his god, and there’s even the rumor that he has a bible collection. Ah yes, the Donald is a man of faith and I doubt he’s going to be pooping inside any churches anytime soon.


So, no. We can be pretty sure that Donald Trump is not the antichrist. He’s just another moron with a wad of money, that wants to be president. And unless I’m seriously wrong here, we’re probably not going to be seeing any amazing smackdowns between Jesus and the Donald anytime soon.

And if I am wrong, I hope Ivanka doesn’t get to pick the halftime show.