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How to identify Pokemon by their shadow (silhouette)

If you’ve been playing Pokemon, you know that when you haven’t captured one of them, and they’re nearby, their silhouette pops up on your tracking screen. So you know there’s a new Pokemon nearby, but unless you’re one of those die hard fans from the 90’s, you probably have no idea on what that Pokemon is. Is it worth chasing and capturing? Is it another one of those useless Pokemon? Is it the one I need for my Pokemon Army?

Pokemon Silhouette Guide to the rescue!

Fortunately NewOppo on Silphroad has taken on the task of creating a Pokemon Silhouette guide. So now you can look up that Pokemon shadow and see what’s nearby:


As more Pokemon start to appear in the game, the chart is probably going to get updated. You can always find the latest Pokemon Silhouette guide on SilphRoad.


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