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The best way to play Pokemon GO in a mall

With the recent launch of Pokemon GO, and the number of new countries joining in the game every week, commerce hasn’t been slow to play along. Now, many shopping malls are taking advantage of the Pokemon GO craze, and they’re putting up lure modules at nearby pokestops. And since shopping malls usually have free WiFi access with good connection speed, they’re a neat place to go hunting for your favorite Pokemon, or simply to go looking to level up.

Since most major shopping malls are already on Google’s map as places where a lot of people meet, they’ve been marked as pokestops, and some even have gyms.

So, what’s the best way to play Pokemon GO in a mall? Should you play outside the mall, inside, wander around? Should you remain near the pokestop?

Here’s some pointers on the best way to play Pokemon GO in a mall, should you have the chance (or the need) to…

Get there during opening hours

Of course! Don’t just go wandering at the mall parking lot during off hours. A lot of people who are coming home from work or from a late night party decide to stop at a closed mall just because there’s a pokestop there, and do some hunting. Come on, let’s try to use our best judgement here. Not only are you going to annoy mall security, but you probably won’t find a whole lot of interesting pokemon. Remember the game keeps track of how many players are where, and if there’s not a whole lot of people, you don’t get many interesting Pokemon.

Check the WiFi connection

downloadA lot of malls have WiFi, you should prefer it for playing Pokemon GO. This game is intensive when it comes to bandwidth, so it’s better to play it on a stable network like a mall’s WiFi. Then again, if there’s a whole bunch of people on the mall’s WiFi you could have some trouble connecting and getting data through. It’s best to get on the WiFi, check to see how the connection is behaving, and if it’s not that great, switch to your cell phone’s mobile data network.

Look for the lure modules

lure-module-100671423-origIf you see a pokestop at the mall with a lure module activated (there’ll be hearts falling from the icon), that’s a good place to go look for Pokemon. Lure modules attract pokemon, and you can usually find interesting specimens hanging around them.

Use lucky eggs and incense

Lucky eggs and incense are a great help when it comes to catching pokemon at malls. Incense will draw pokemon to you, so those that have already been attracted by the mall’s lure module will gravitate towards you. Lucky eggs give you double experience points while they’re active, so every catch you make will count double towards a level up. It’s a good idea to pop a lucky egg when there’s a lure module active, since you might catch pokemon you haven’t seen before: and when you do, the experience points you get are going to be fantastic.

Take along razz berries

130px-GO_Razz_BerryRazz berries are a good idea when there’s a lure module operating nearby. You’ll find stranger pokemon, and also pokemon that are strong and can break out of balls and disappear. The last thing you want is to lose a rare Pokemon capture. So if you find a rare pokemon, or just one you’ve never seen before, feed it a razz berry. Then, while it’s sedated, capture it. You’ll have a much better chance of it not getting away.

Razz berries are available only if you’re level 8 or above.

Explore the mall

Especially if you’re indoors, you need to explore the mall. This is really important, because indoors and on WiFi, your phone’s GPS is degraded. Since the phone can’t easily pick up GPS satellites indoors, it has no way of knowing where you are. Your phone checks the nearby WiFi signals and compares against a list of known places. And of course the first thing your phone picks up is the mall’s WiFi, and it matches you to the preset mall location. But there’s only one location for the mall’s WiFi, so you’re “locked” into one position. And when that happens, you’re not going to see many pokemon.

So walk around the mall. Walk through the hallways, up levels, down levels, everywhere. If the mall has outdoor areas or areas with balconies or large windows, visit those too… several times. There’s a good chance your phone will pick up on GPS there, and move your character, and while your character is moving you’ll get pokemon popping up. Plus you’ll catch different Wifi signals from the shops inside the mall, and that’ll also help keep your character moving.

Happy hunting

TroyKey.1Those are some tips on the best way to play Pokemon GO in a mall. Malls are good places to catch pokemon and train your characters. Just don’t forget to visit other places outside malls, where you’ll find even more interesting pokemon to add to your deck!

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