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How to choose what you get from evolving Eevee in Pokemon GO

Eevee is one of the most commonly seen characters in Pokemon GO, and is especially abundant in cities. So after capturing a few Eevee, you tend to get sick of it all just start ignoring them.

But don’t ignore them! Why? Because now, Eevee is one of the easiest Pokemon to evolve, because with a trick you can choose what you get from evolving Eevee in Pokemon GO!

Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO

The Eevee, those furry little animals that look like a cross between a rabbit, a fox and a horse have several possible evolutions, or as they’re more commonly known, eevolutions. According to Bulbapedia, Eevee can evolve into:

  1. Vaporeon
  2. Jolteon
  3. Flareon
  4. Espeon
  5. Umbreon
  6. Leafeon
  7. Glaceon
  8. Sylveon

Which of these 8 Eevee evolutions are available in Pokemon GO? Well, so far only the first three have been spotted.

Some Eevolutions are very popular, for example Vaporeon. A few days ago, Vaporeon popped up in Central Park, New York. The result was a stampede of people who wanted to capture one.

If you couldn’t make it to Central Park, good news: you can get your own Vaporeon by evolving an Eevee and using this neat trick.

Before it was though eevolution were random, just a product of whatever the game had in mind at that particular time. But, a few days ago a thread popped up on Reddit that revealed it wasn’t as random as people thought, and you can actually choose what you get from evolving Eevee in Pokemon GO. Just follow the steps below.

How to choose what you get from evolving Eevee in Pokemon GO

The first thing to do is collect enough candy to evolve an Eevee. 25 are needed. Remember that candy is obtained by delivering Eevees to the professor, so you have to capture and deliver at least 25 before getting enough candy for evolution. Remember? I told you at the start not to ignore an Eevie!

Eevies are everywhere in the cities, kinda like Rattata, so just step out for a while and you’ll find enough.

To deliver a Pokemon to the professor, go to your pokemon inventory (Ball -> Pokemon). Select the Pokemon you want to deliver. Remember to turn in the pokemon that have the lowest CP on them, don’t go turning in your strongest Eevies. Once the Pokemon’s profile appears, at the very bottom you’ll see a button that says “Transfer”. That’s where you turn them in, and get candy back.

Screenshot_20160718-184419 Screenshot_20160718-184426Screenshot_20160718-184431

Ok, important detail: the candy you get depends on the pokemon you turn in. For example if you deliver a Zubat, you get Zubat candy. And that candy can only be used to evolve Zubat … you can’t use it on Eevee. For evolving Eevee, you need Eevee candy. Don’t ask me what the relationship between pokemon and their candy is, or how they manage to make specific candy for each one… ’cause you might not like the answer I have in mind.

So, anyway, now you have 25 Eevee candies and its time to evolve. Go back to your captured pokemon list. Look for an Eevee (hopefully the one with the most CP) and open the profile. In the upper right, next to the image of Eevee you’ll see a pencil icon, that’s used to rename the character. Touch the icon and a screen will appear asking you for a nickname:

Screenshot_20160718-185116 Screenshot_20160718-185159 Screenshot_20160718-185226

And here’s where the trick is. Depending on the nickname you give Eevee, is the evolution you’re going to get. If you use the name of one of the trainers on the original Pokemon series, you can choose what you get from evolving Eevee in Pokemon GO:

  • If you name it Rainer, you get a Vaporeon
  • If you name it Sparky, you get a Jolteon
  • If you name it Pyro, you get a Flareon

Once you’ve got the name in, press the “Evolve” button on the profile. And a few seconds later, you get your desired evolution.

For the moment the trick works, but like everything else, Niantic decides how long it’ll work for. So take advantage now and evolve all the Eevees you can, you never know when the trick will stop working…

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